The 1500TT Project:

      The main purpose of this project is to transform a 1996 Chevy CK1500 W/T with a 170HP 4.3L Vortec V6 into a high performance sport-truck with a turbocharged 4.3L V6. We preliminarily estimate 300HP or greater with engine modifications and turbocharging. The primary purpose is, obviously, performance first. However, we are planning some visual updates to the truck as well. Here is a tentative list of proposed modifications to the truck:
    Performance Modifications:
  • Rebuild stock 4.3L V6:
    • Bore .030" over
    • Lower compression, forged pistons
    • High capacity oil pump
    • Multi-Port fuel injection upgrade from CPI
    • Higher lb injectors
    • High volume fuel pump
    • Higher lift and duration roller cam
    • Port and polish heads
    • ARP head studs and bolts
    • Thicker head gaskets to lower compression
    • Lightened crankshaft and forged connecting rods
  • Exhaust manifolds from 1991 Typhoon 4.3L V6 Turbo
  • Garrett or Banks Turbocharger (T3/T4; .63 A/R Intake, .70 A/R Exhaust?)
  • Air-to-Air Intercooler (FMIC)
  • External Wastegate and Blow-Off Valve
  • K&N High-Flow Air Filter
  • Custom 3" Exhaust System from turbo-back
  • Ported intake throttle body
  • Dual electric cooling fans
  • Larger radiator
  • 160 degree thermostat
  • ECU reprogramming (Either custom or Hypertech or JET reprogrammer)
  • Larger oil and transmission oil coolers
    Other Modifications:
  • Aftermarket taillights
  • Aftermarket turn/marker lights
  • Custom radiator fan shroud
  • Chrome rear bumper and frame hitch
  • Trailer brake hookup
  • Possible ground-effect kit?
  • Possible two-tone paint (Teal and Silver Metallic)
  • 4 Speaker CD Audio w/ JL Audio Subwoofer and Eclipse Amp
  • Custom seats
  • Possible 1" supsension drop?
  • Polyurethane suspension and frame bushings
  • High performance sway bars for front and back
  • 3/4 ton leaf springs in rear; larger coil springs in front
  • GM Factory rims for sport trucks; 15" or 16"
  • Cowl Induction Hood
  • Aftermarket Gagues for boost, air-fuel, etc.
  • Vent Visors for windows
  • Possible sliding rear window
  • Possible Fiberglass Tonneau Cover
  • Possible Rear Tailgate Spoiler

      This is just a list of possible modifications we are planning or have already installed. This list is subject to change at any time, especially if we get sponsors supplying aftermarket parts to put on the truck for us. Within reason, we will apply any aftermarket parts sent to us unless it really conflicts with the vision of the project. (We're going for a true performer here, not a worthless show-only vehicle or a gaudy "show car" with every fugly bolt-on imaginable slapped on it with a horrible paint-job!) We're looking for a slightly aggressive, yet unassuming look for it, with a few subtle hints towards its performance. Not an all-out sleeper, yet we're not trying to advertise how powerful it truly is!
      With any luck, we expect this project to take approximately 2-3 years to fully complete, depending upon actual sponsor help. We would like to keep the truck driving as long as possible and down for the shortest amounts of time for work. If this means either spreading out work or consolidating it as necessary to get it back out and running, then so be it. Most likely, as with many project vehicles, this will end up being a continually on-going project, always adding or tweaking something to get that maximum performance! For more information, be sure to visit the "Progress" link to see where we are at with the project. Copyright 2007 Digital Design Studios   All Rights Reserved.