Progress Bar

      Well, as you can see from the progress bar above, we are already starting behind with this project! We had a mishap on the I-81 expressway out in Syracuse and hit a guard rail in the rain - OUCH! Fortunately, these are pretty durable trucks, so damage was minimal. However, we still have the task of replacing the front fender and core support and re-painting the truck just to return it to how it looked before. We already have the body panels necessary and are waiting on paint right now. We're hoping to have the damage fixed within 2 weeks tops. We are also replacing the rear bumper at this time and have already replaced the taillights. For pictures, go to the "Photographs" section of the site. Below are a list of planned repairs or updates to the truck as well as a list of currently applied updates:
    Planned Repairs:
  • Replace front left fender
  • Replace front left inner wheel well
  • Replace front core support
  • Paint front end in original "Bright Teal Metallic" GM color
  • Cut out extra room in core support to route intercooler piping
  • Replace headlight mounting brackets
  • Replace lower air dam/ valance
  • Add front tow hooks
  • Replace rear bumper with chrome bumper
  • Add frame hitch
  • Add extra rear leaf springs to increase payload to 3/4 ton capacity
  • Replace current air intake plumbing
    Current Modifications:
  • Aftermarket taillights
  • Trailer brake hookup
  • 4 Speaker CD Audio w/ JL Audio Subwoofer and Eclipse Amp
  • K&N High Performance Air Filter Copyright 2007 Digital Design Studios   All Rights Reserved.