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January 10, 2008:     Just a quick update and sorry that it has taken so long to get any updates posted on the site! We've been going through a lot of changes here recently, among which is that we've moved! Yes, we're no longer in the Rochester area anymore. We've relocated to Albany, NY as of January, 2008. Oh sure, we'll probably still get out to Rochester as well as many other places throughout New York over time. Just our home base has changed. Now comes the fun part of meeting new people, finding out about clubs and organizations, and finding good mechanics in the Capitol Region. Feel free to E-mail us if you know any places or have any tips! Thanks!

December 30, 2007:     The truck has finally been fixed! The damage from the accident (see the photos section for more) is now repaired. We were waiting for the new fender and core support to be painted, which was taking a while. Once we finally got that taken care of, then we had to find time to get it all assembled.
      Fortunately, our neighbour Paul is a mechanic at a local shop (Names withheld to protect the innocent...) and he offered to put it together for us after hours at the shop. So, after about 2-3 weeks, he had it all done. I must say, for a VERY reasonable price too! He even got it inspected so it was all ready to roll again. It looks as good as new, you'd never even know it got hit. (Except I was dumb enough to say anything about it, ahem...) THANKS PAUL! Guess all those years of fixing up race cars paid off...

October 02, 2007:     As of today, we have updated several pages on the site. We have the "Project", "Progress" and "Photographs" sections completed. The photos of the wreck and the new taillights are posted as well. We also modified the home page to include a site hit counter, which hopefully won't stay on low numbers for too long...
      Ahem, in any event, we will keep the site updates coming so be sure to keep coming back! We also got new parts for the truck to fix the damage on Monday: The left front fender, inner wheel well and core support. Now, we are just waiting on paint and clear so we can paint the new fender and then install the parts. Hopefully, this will be done next week. This week, we're hoping to pick up the new rear bumper.

September 26, 2007:     Today we launched the 1500tt.com website. However, we still have a LONG way to go! Many of the pages aren't finished yet and so far all we have is basically a placeholder site for now. But fear not! Updates will ensue shortly!
      In other news today, the new taillights for the truck arrived this afternoon as well. They look great and add a nice style to the truck, I think. The real main reason we replaced them, however, wasn't for looks, but the left rear taillight shorted out and the whole unit was rendered useless. They want too much money for an OEM lens unit, so it was cheaper to order BOTH lights new off of E-bay. They are aftermarket lenses, but they do look great as opposed to many of the Altezza lights out there that just look ugly. Pictures of the lenses before and after will be coming soon.

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